Assurance Programs *****Warranty all of your HVAC equipment for life*****


New Equipment Plan

                                     When you purchase new equipment from us, we stand with you!

 We offer a full Lifetime warranty!  What's the catch?   You must be enrolled in the assurance program (pricing below) and have your equipment serviced by us once a year.  That's it!  

What's the cost?    Yearly fee for a clean and check for forced air systems -  $59.00 

                                          Yearly fee for a clean and check for boiler systems -           $89.00

Assurance Cost?    Pricing below based on  furnace

 Along with this yearly service the technician will give you a copy of what was done and a report card on your systems operational efficiency.  

Existing Equipment Plan

                   We also have Lifetime warranty plans for your existing equipment!

That’s right,  we will give you a Lifetime warranty on the furnace or AC you have in your home right now. 

 How does this  work?  You make an appointment for an assurance program evaluation. For $59.00 (forced air systems) and $89.00 (boiler systems), a technicians will come do a  cleaning and  check the system out completely.  They will give you a copy of what was done as well as the report card on your systems operational efficiency.  This report card helps us evaluate which of the three categories of risk your equipment falls into:

Low risk: new or like new equipment that is in very good condition.

Moderate risk: middle aged equipment that may have some problems, but is relatively well maintained.

High risk: equipment that has been poorly maintained and will likely need parts and service soon.

This risk category determines the cost of your Assurance Plan (plans listed below). 

There are numerous factors to consider when offering this type of assurance: age of the equipment, availability of parts, the manufacture of the equipment, location of equipment, etc…  that is why we require the full clean and check evaluation. 

**** Please note: occasionally we run across units that have compromised heat exchangers and or other major defect, or are inoperable. These units would need to be replaced at full cost and do not qualify for the assurance program. 

Assurance Programs - Lifetime Warranty

if you participate in our Assurance Plan here is what you can expect:

  • Free furnace replacement
  • Free repairs
  • Fast friendly service


Gold Star (low risk) -                $9.99 per month                            Service calls  FREE of charge.

Silver Ring (moderate risk)  $19.99–$23.99 monthly          Service calls $45.00

Bronze Medal  (high risk)      $24.99- $30.99 per month     Service calls  $60.00

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Q. You came for a clean and check ten months ago and I have the Bronze Medal plan.  I have no heat and need you to come for service.  What will the cost be if I need to replace the furnace? 

A. Since you have the Bronze plan and we were in for a clean and check within the last 12 months, the service call would be $60.00.  If your furnace is failing you would pay $0.00 to have it replaced.

Q. What if sell my home, is the warranty transferable to the new owners?

A. Yes the warranty is completely transferable, if the ownership of the home changes the new owner can pay a transfer fee, of $299.00 and continue with the same plan that was in place at the time of purchase.

Q. If I sell my home and purchase a new one, can I transfer my warranty to the new home's furnace? 

A. Unfortunately, because it is not equipment that we have previously checked and serviced you cannot transfer your warranty to different equipment.  We would be happy to come and service your the equipment in your new home and offer the warranty based on the evaluation.