Air Conditioning Repair

Air Conditioning Repair to Beat the Buffalo Heat

In Western New York, we are known for the feet upon heavy feet of snow we receive each winter. However, we also have beautiful summers that bring us much-needed sunshine and warmth. 

Unfortunately, though, if you do not have a properly functioning AC unit, summer could end up being more trouble than its worth. After all, who wants to spend all day outside doing yard work, playing at the beach, or just soaking up the sun and then return to a hot and humid house?

If you are finding the temperatures in your home unbearably warm even after adjusting your unit, you may be in need of air conditioning repair. Proverbs Heating & Cooling has been proudly providing prompt and reliable service to Buffalo, Clarence, Amherst, Williamsville, NY, and the surrounding areas for years, and we know that being without air conditioning in the summer is enough to make anyone miserable.

Common Signs of Air Conditioning System Failure:

Warm Air – If you feel warm air blowing out of your vents, you should first ensure that your thermostat is switched to cooling mode and set lower than the temperature in your home. If those things are correct and you are still feeling warm air, the compressor may be to blame.

Insufficient Airflow – Can you barely feel the cool air coming out of your vents? Insufficient airflow can be caused by a clogged air filter, a broken motor, or a blockage in your vents.

Frequent Cycles – Your air conditioner should kick-on at regular intervals to regulate the temperature in your home. While you can expect it to turn on more frequently when the temperatures soar, it shouldn’t cycle on and off constantly.


Leaks – Air conditioners use refrigerant to cool your home and can produce condensation while it operates. However, no liquids should be making their way into your home! If you see pooled water or an active leak, it is imperative to act fast and contact a professional before it gets worse.


Bad Odors - Unpleasant odors coming from your HVAC system can get more smelly, fast. A diagnostic check will tell if you need air conditioning repair, a thorough cleaning, or another solution.


Unusual Noises - Sudden, loud, unusual noises can be a sign of an issue with your cooling system. Rattling and buzzing can indicate a lose part, while grinding or whistling noises can mean something more serious is wrong. Enlisting the help of a professional is essential to diagnose and remedy the issue.

Give us a call today if you believe you require air conditioning repair, and we will happily schedule a service appointment for you.